Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Merry Warm Christmas! More Flowers than Showers

Merry Christmas! We have plenty to be thankful for and I am blessed many times over with three lovely daughters. You see they are all smiles after partaking in the Prangley family tradition of opening up the pajamas the night before Christmas. Lauren even got a barbie doll bonus since she was so good this year and Megan and Abbey loved their new slippers. We can also be thankful for the weather. A weak nor'easter falls apart on our Christmas Day and nature sends us more flowers than showers.

I only expect 10% coverage of isolated rain showers along the coast that should be brief at best. Highs will be back in the lower to middle 70s with upper 70s possible well inland. The three models I trust all came in tonight with .03" or less which means even if this were all snow it would not be enough to stick. Now the big storm to watch is the Gulf low pressure bringing drought relief to Texas. This could spin up our way late Monday Night into Tuesday. I cannot rule out a strong storm or two with the strong southern jet stream dominating our weather. Stay tuned for your two minute advantage and more details here on the blog. But for now it is all about family! All the best and God bless! I will see you tonight at 11 p.m.

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