Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Day of Hope on the Field and Off! Let Hope Rain!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a wonderful day! The Jags rout the Bucs and you see there was more confetti flying in the stands than rain at least until the end of the third quarter. My section was prepared. We had the two minute advantage weather app and got those ponchos out well before the heavier showers blew through with gusto! There are advantages to having a live doppler radar and like in sports every minute counts. I got back to the station nice and dry and was happy to still have my voice for the newscasts. It is not every day you see any football team score 28 points in one quarter. It was certainly the best the home team has played this season and maybe the best quarter in a few years. It gives all of us fans lots of hope! It took a lot of sting out of those chilly nor'easter breezes of 20-30 mph. Go Jags!

Speaking of hope we have a lot of it in the weather department. We have our heaviest rain on the way in at least two months. This is a huge forecast especially when you have been in a drought since 2010 and still need 6 to 10 inches of rain to catch up!

I have stuck by my forecast for one to two inches of rain for not just the beaches but most areas before all is said and done. Yes, I am paranoid about this forecast because our climate here has been more like a desert than a tropical paradise for so long. The models have been going back and forth between heavy rain and light rain amounts but they are just guides. I think with a strong southern jet stream teaming up with our nor'easter the sky is the limit! We will even have a nice upper-level disturbance form and enhance the lift. We literally have moisture blowing in from all directions and levels converging right over us.

This is a heavy rain signature. So let hope rain! We can celebrate but make sure to be extra careful during the morning commute because it does look very messy. We cannot even rule out a thunderstorm and if you get under one of those storms I am not expecting severe weather but generous rain amounts from 2 to 4 inches in total!

I will have your rain totals and updated Christmas outlook on Monday afternoon! Will it still be warm or a green Christmas? Or will Dan Hicken get his snow!! See you soon. Be careful!

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