Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nature Lam"bastes" Much of the Midwest With Unsettled Weather

Most folks are getting ready to baste their turkeys while nature looks to lambaste much of the mid-section of the country with rain, snow, and even a few strong thunderstorms. While this storm is not a monster storm which would cause any cancellations of flights or stranding anybody, you can expect plenty of delays. Patience is the key word today on the busiest travel day of the year. Here are my travel grades for the heartland! I gave areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, and the deep south a "D" because a few strong damaging thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. So be ready to pull over if necessary and let the storm pass before continuing your trip. Most of Indiana will see rain which could be heavy at times, so a C- will do just fine. Areas of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa which could see light snow break out by late day should only expect accumulations on the grassy areas so a C- will do. The only other D I gave out was for the upper Peninsula of Michigan where they could see a quick 2 to 4 inches of snow and maybe a few slick spots on the roads. Other than that we all know it could be a lot worse out there. So just slow it down and have a safe trip.

Make sure to tune in tonight for your complete holiday weekend forecast. In the meantime, here is Lauren giving you a sneak peak at the first part of your holiday weekend forecast. Lauren these days is not only into going to the mall, but catalog shopping. Now I am in some deep trouble! Have a great day and be safe!

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Anonymous said...

Come on snow! We want to see some snow! :) Have a happy holiday guys.