Monday, November 19, 2007

Here Comes Nature's Version of the Turkey Hop!

It looks like nature is giving dance lessons. Just in case you do not know how to dance the turkey hop like the pre-schoolers were at Kids Alive Covenant Church last Friday, we will have temperatures dancing all around this week with highs as warm as the 70s and lows in the 20s. It is actually that time of year when the jet stream really starts firing up because of much bigger temperature contrasts from north to south. Check out the forecast lows on Wednesday morning. Here at home we could be 10 degrees above our average high at night!

These temperature contrasts in turn feed developing storm systems. It looks like the low pressure system impacting us is coming out of the Rocky Mountains will be moving our way pieces which is good news for most travelers. I will have more on this "phasing" issue as we draw closer. What you need to know is that this will dimish the heavy snow threat for much of the Midwest. But there certainly will be dramatic temperature changes as you see above. Make sure you take your winter coats if you are heading to Grandma's house no matter how warm it feels on Tuesday or early Wednesday. There are usually two sides to these big low pressure areas that form this time of year. We will stay on its warm side until early Wednesday and then be blitzed with winter on its cold side by late Wednesday and Thanksgiving. I still see snow showers as a good possibility but I am not expecting any accumulations at this time.

There have been Thanksgivings with snow and sledding and other where we have needed the shorts. The graphic below tells why this week's wild weather is right on cue!

So some like their Turkey days warm and some like it cold and it looks like nature tries to please everybody and it all balances it out over the years. Here in the weather center we are still monitoring your travel weather closely from coast to coast and the areas of the Midwest that may actually have slick roads. I will make sure to have updates on the news and post more here on the blog before the big holiday. Have a great day and I better go check more maps. If anything changes of course I have this blog to keep you ahead of anything nature dishes out. Now I am really hungry!

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