Thursday, November 8, 2007

La Nina Strengthens & Our Chances for A White Christmas Increase!

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Well you may not just be dreaming of one. The big news out of Camp Springs, Maryland this morning is that La Nina is getting even stronger. La Nina is caused by below average water temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. This in turn shifts weather patterns all over the world, including here in Indiana. The temperatures have fallen so fast and furious it gave us an extended summer and has brought us one of our top 5 warmest autumns of all time.

While La Nina usually brings us a warm autumn in its current phase, it also is likely to bring us an early onslaught of winter weather. The stronger the La Nina this time of year the better our chances of a White Christmas. In any given year we have about a 50-50 chance. This year I have upped our chances to 80% for having a White Christmas full of family fun and sledding. This is certainly an early Christmas present to all the snow-lovers out there. I will be working on your winter weather outlook the next few days and have your winter outlook all done for you by early next week! One thing is for certain and that is we have another wild winter weather ride this year that may include thunderstorms, thundersnow, tornadoes, and ice back to work on your winter. I will check back with you this evening and talk about storm tracks for the rest of November into December. Have a great day and crank up the Christmas music. Here is a more specific peek at your December forecast.

Make sure to tune in next Tuesday and I will have your winter weather forecast in its entirety. I will of course post more tidbits here on the blog as we continue to get closer to the big day! Speaking of big days, I also wanted to make sure to wish a Happy Birthday to my Dad. I still remember our forecasting contests when I was growing up. My Dad seemed to always forecast less snow than I did and it would drive me nuts! My Dad would have been a great meteorologist and he is certainly one of the big reasons I got into meteorology. Thanks Dad and a big Happy Birthday to you. I can tell you in Jacksonville, Florida you will not have to worry about a White Christmas, just the way you like it! Happy Birthday!

Dear Mike,

I can verify your 1950 forecast. My husband and I were going together that year. It snowed on Thanksgiving Day and we did not see the ground until March of the following year. That is how cold it was. I really enjoy your weather on the net as I do not get it on my Dish. Thank you so much for the time that you work on the blog.

Norma Higley

I appreciate the kind words Norma! I think this winter will have some cold snaps, but I do not see any prolonged cold periods or snow like we saw in the winter of 1950. What may remind you of 1950 will be our White Christmas. But a huge warm-up is expected in January and I am more concerned about severe thunderstorms and flooding at this point than snow. So it will be quite a winter ahead. I think it will be a mix of a few winters of years past. I will post those tomorrow here on the blog along with your Friday Night Frenzy forecast!

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