Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Flurries Fly on Election Day & Old Man Winter Makes A Return

We certainly have seen much windier days here in Indiana. But it is tough out there today and the wind just goes right through you. A great job to all those that got out and voted and braved this weather. You get two golden stars.This is what we call payback time from nature and it feels so bad because this weather is coming on the heels of our warmest October in 60 years. My dog walk was even cut short today. My dog looked back at me like I was crazy after taking just a few steps outside with him. I guess you can say this weather is not fit for man or beast. The good news is that the wind will ease up tonight as high pressure builds into the area. This will make a world of difference so hang in there another few hours. It not only feels like winter out there today, but it looks like it. Here is what it looked like in my backyard.

Yesterday we talked about this being the darkest time of year and this picture confirms it! Solar winter is here. We call those clouds cold air stratocumulus because they literally form due to a very cold atmosphere. Any heated air quickly rises and cools to its condensation point forming plenty of clouds. These clouds did give way to a few flurries that were confirmed on our Live Doppler 18 not only this afternoon but this evening as you see below.

Our first flakes of snow usually occur in Lafayette right around November 4th, so for once nature actually was on time with something. Otherwise, it has been a bizarre year. Do not expect this to be a permanent thing. You may want to tune in tonight because I have everything in your 7 day forecast ranging from a hard freeze to highs near 70 degrees and possible strong thunderstorms. Let's take it one step at a time. Here is the difference between a freeze and a hard freeze.

Yes, just when you think you heard it all. There are different types of freezes. A hard freeze is also known as a killing freeze that ends the growing season. The good news for campers is that it also kills off all the mosquitoes. Here is one important tidbit we all need to take note of tonight. Make sure to detach all outdoor hoses from the spigots because if you keep them attached it could cause your pipes to freeze. Unfortunately many find this out when they are washing their cars in the Spring. Many homes are literally flooded with water. Remember to also bring in the pets and certainly any plants you will want to save. The good news is we have a nice break in the wind on the way for Wednesday. Do not get too excited! It will not last very long. In this early winter pattern an Alberta Clipper will move our way. I will have more on this tonight and here on the blog tomorrow. Stay warm and stay tuned.

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