Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windy record-setting Saturday brings trees down outside of storms!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It has been a wild Saturday across the South and we are certainly very lucky here at home. A stormy system that has spawned over 100 tornadoes over the last couple of days with several fatalities is bringing us quite a wind storm. We did have an isolated thunderstorm in Georgia this morning and early afternoon but no damage reports were received and it did not last long. The big news is we have had 40 to 45 mph wind gusts in a hazy, sultry afternoon atmosphere as you see at Everbank Field. Reports of downed trees have been received in Mandarin. There are also a couple wildfires that have been whipped up especially in Marion County. The wind is strong despite having no storms in the area because of the intense low pressure moving through the Carolinas at this time coupled with a strong jet stream. Take a look at our saving grace here at home below.

We are talking about a polar jet stream with winds in excess of 140 mph causing massive wind shear and instability across the Carolinas. This was located far enough to our north that it actually helped air to sink over our area which is not conducive for storms. This map also shows most of the deep level moisture in green which is a necessary storm ingredient lacking here at home. Unfortunately, areas to the north were not so lucky and the Middle Atlantic states including Maryland could be next.

We could have used some rain with this system but most areas were shut out. There was one isolated spot southwest of Folkston that had about .50" of rain. Last night you see the impressive ring around the moon that normally brings a 70% chance of rain but as our weather team expected we were only calling for a slight chance of rain south of Interstate 10 and the forecast held true. Speaking of the moon, it will officially be full Sunday evening and behind this wild wind front things will settle down just in time. In fact by late tonight the wind will go calm and the skies will clear. Your weather pick of the week is Sunday with splendid sunshine and highs in the middle 70s by the sand castles and near 80 inland. Water temperatures are more comfortable now in the lower 70s with a low rip current risk just in time just in time for the official opening of the beaches! There is also another phenomenon you can look forward to in the sky including what makes this full moon unsual. I can tell you it is not a super moon but close! I will  make sure to have more on this here on the blog and tube. Stay tuned!

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