Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend rain looks more like a spritzel! Do not cancel plans.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well we do need the rain but it looks like we are going to miss out on most of it this weekend. This means good news for all our weekend plans and bad news for the drought. The main jet stream is just too far north and we have too much dry air in place. If we do see any rain on Saturday it should be confined mainly to interior southeast Georgia in the morning hours.

Expect a strong line of thunderstorms north and west of Tallahassee by 4 a.m. to quickly weaken as it races northeast. Our latest model data has it almost totally falling apart by time it reaches interstate 95 in southeast Georgia. If the storms do find a way to hold together near Waycross there could be a few isolated wind gusts in the 40-50 mph range but for right now our severe weather chances also look to remain small. The Storm Prediction Center has put extreme southeast Georgia in a slight risk so we will continue to  monitor it for you just in case with your only Live Doppler Radar.

 For northeast Florida rain chances look even smaller with most of the activity in the form of a brief rain shower mainly north of Interstate 10.
This line will likely fizzle out as it moves into northeast Florida with rain chances remaining on the low side. This front is a big wind-maker so be careful fishing with small craft advisories in effect.There could be some gale force gusts offshore and even near shore wind gusts could be near 30 kts. Sunday looks like the much better boating day with a lighter northeast wind and pleasant sunshine!.

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