Thursday, April 21, 2011

Storms look to miss most of us today! Florida the place to be for Easter Weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Checking out the latest on your only Live Doppler Radar it does look like many of us will miss out on the rain tonight. We are once again going to hit 90 today. This hot weather is playing a part in us missing out on the rain. Not only are temperatures hot at the ground but all the way up into the middle levels of the atmosphere. Yesterday we had a cooler temperatures aloft to work with that helped fire up thunderstorms and even brought nickel size hail to areas like Orange Park. Thunderstorms need this cooler air in nature's attic for storms to occur. Today not only is it too warm but we have a frontal system to our north trying to add more lift to the atmosphere but it is stalling out over South Carolina. This means not much rain will occur with the best chances of rain this evening remaining over interior Georgia and the Highway 301 corridor. The main threats will be lightning and heavy rain. The majority of us will remain dry.

Get used to this dry pattern. Florida is the place to be for Easter weekend. While over half the country will have rain we will be mostly sunny as another area of high pressure builds into the area. This high pressure will bring refreshing sea breezes sooner in the day keeping temperatures much more comfortable in the lower to middle 80s. Eventually this Atlantic flow will bring an increased chance of rain but not until next week. If you are traveling the good news is I do not expect the next severe weather outbreak until next week but there may be a few delays due to all the rain.

I will be back to post some of those incredible rainfall totals and hail pictures from last night. Right now it does not look like we will have a repeat. Make sure to check back!

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