Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Find a cool spot for the chocolates!

Happy Easter! We have come a long way from Easter of 2007 when we woke up to 31 degrees.....brrrr! It will go down as one of our warmest Easters on record. Yes, one of the reasons is it falls on April 24th this year. The latest date you can have Easter is April 25th. The date changes every year because Easter usually occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox or Spring. The next time Easter will be this late in the season is 2038 when it will fall on you've guessed it, April 25th. Yes, I guess it all goes back to that Super Moon!

But today looks terrific. It will be our sixth consecutive dry Easter in a row for most of us but be careful of patchy morning fog that will reduce visibilities to less than a mile mainly before 8 a.m. Then expect warm and breezy conditions to develop with highs in the lower 80s beaches to the middle and upper 80s inland. This will be our warmest Easter since 2005 when we hit 88 degrees! The boating forecast looks great with near shore seas near 3 feet with a light inland chop. There could be a stray storm pop along the Interstate 75 corridor today. Better chances of rain moving our way by the middle of next week when the sea breeze collisions occur closer to home thanks to more of a south and southwesterly wind. As a result, this will be the sixth consecutive dry year for most of us on Easter. The dry hopping trail was essential for the Easter Bunny this year especially for my three daughters! They have had a good year and their Easter basket included DVD's, dresses, flip flops and even pool toys! Wow! The Easter Bunny is happy with me too and I got some extra chocolates. Thank you. We do have a lot to be thankful for on this Easter including the weather. Just find a cool spot for those chocolates. Have a great Easter!

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