Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainless in Jacksonville! Lafayette's First Snowflakes Not Far Away!

Hello, IT IS GREAT TO GET THIS WEATHER BLOG BACK UP AND RUNNING!! It is something I truly enjoyed doing when I worked at WLFI in Lafayette, Indiana. This blog came about because of the special relationship I formed with a wonderful community. It was just a token of my appreciation for our viewers which in essence became more like my family. We used this blog to share amazing pictures, life experiences, and just how awe-inspiring nature can truly be. This blog is used as an outlet for all of us. This is not all about me, it is really all about you and nature! I want this to be your blog as much as mine.

To all my Indiana friends my family cannot even begin to thank you for all your support and love you gave us over the 10 years I was privileged enough to be your meteorologist. The good news is we have this blog still to stay better connected and do not hesitate to send in pictures and stories. Your weather pattern is important for what happens here in Florida and southeast Georgia and I still watch your weather carefully along with what is happening all over the country, including Alaska, Greenland, Australia, Japan, Asia, and even Europe and Siberia. Yes, we have a world economy now and that is also true when it comes to how inter-related our weather patterns truly are.

I also will share great stories from Wisconsin where my cheesehead family lives (my wife is from Wisconsin before she moved here and went to Nease High School and UNF---SHE IS MY BETTER HALF). Her sister and who I call my sister Shelli has some great autumn pictures I cannot wait to share with you!

IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK HOME!! I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area but I am a University of North Florida graduate and did go away to school for meteorology at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont. I have family here including my Mom and Dad who have lived in Mandarin for 20 years. I have basically done a big circle around the country. I did an internship with Tim Deegan way back in 1994...first TV job in Gainesville, Florida, then went to Duluth, Minnesota where my weather watcher recorded a new state record low of -60! Julie and I then moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I loved doing hurricane coverage on the beach! Then the past 10 years I have been in the MIDWEST where I covered all types of weather including a blizzard and 55 tornadoes!! Wow!

Now 16 years later it is fitting how things have come full circle! You can count on me giving 110% every day because like Lafayette, Indiana I truly love and care about the First Coast. You deserve the best I and will do everything I can to make sure that happens. I put my heart and soul into my forecasts where I take it one day or should I say degree at a time. I am glad to be back at First Coast News that has a proud weather tradition. It is even better that I can work with my mentor Chief Meteorologist Tim Deegan who has not only taught me many valuable lessons about forecasting but about life. Yes! He is a great guy that has definitely helped make my childhood dream of being a television meteorologist come true. Now are you ready to talk a little weather! Well first things first! It has been awhile since I have done this blog thing...LOL...bear with me.

I first wanted to say great job to all the Jags fans that showed up last night. Yes, the game was heart-breaking but the big positive you can take out of it is that we actually did show the country what Jacksonville is all about. We all felt a little beat up after last night but we need to stay positive. We proved that we are a passionate fan base and Jacksonville is a first-class city more than worthy to have a football team! This is football country without a doubt!

Weatherwise today will also be a WIN-WIN if you love sunny weather. Highs will be in the lower 80s. The drought conditions will continue but I am finally seeing some drought relief in some of the long-range models. Halloween Week is still showing over an inch of rain here at home! I will be back and post more specifics on timing and rain amounts. Make sure to check back. I will have daily updates on here by 10 p.m. each night. The more comments you post the better and pictures and weather stories are even better! Send those pictures to mprangley@firstcoastnews.com.

Your comments and pictures will not only drive this blog but my weathercasts on First Coast News. I want to talk about what interests you. Yes you!!! will also try to check in with you every day in the morning with little snippets of any hints of weather change and bus stop updates where you will usually find me since I have 3 daughters that go to school here in St.Johns County. When the weather turns busy...it is you and I on here when I am not on the air doing weather shows! Thanks for your time and have a great day!! I need to go get a haircut...run errands...my normal weather shift is Thursday through Sunday, but here on the blog it is 24/7!!

NEXT BLOG UPDATE BY 10 P.M. EST October 19, 2010


JIWB said...

Welcome Back Mike!! You know I had to be the first to post lol :)

Everyone in J-Ville. Mike, is an awesome Meteorologist and always gives his 110% in everything he does! And you will Love his weather blog. It's what got me started on my blog and I know I love every minute of it!

Mike will take care of you weather - wise! ;)

Justin In Lafayette, Indiana.

Richard ~ Attica said...

Glad to see the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Glad you are back blogging. I have really missed your insights and thoughts.

Barbie in Frankfort

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mike is back :)Fun to look through the old post too!

Teri In Lafayette