Thursday, October 28, 2010

Midnight Model Run Looking More Promising for Badly Needed Rain

Thursday, October 27, 2010 12 a.m.

Well I could not go home until a snuck a peak at the latest model runs and the good news is the model of choice is now up to .60" of rain for Jacksonville. The maps are starting to light up with some blue and purple areas in Georgia and extreme North Florida which are areas that could actually be drenched with over an inch of rain. This is a good sign. The FCN Futurecast is trending stormier! This is rainfall through 8 p.m. so even though south of Interstate 10 there is much lighter and scattered activity I do expect shower and thunderstorm activity to linger late into the night for these areas and I do still think most of us see rain. The farther north and west you go the higher the amounts but this does not mean you will be missed St. Augustine. I still think .25" to .50" is on way for you. The newsroom is still hopping past midnight here at First Coast News...a lot happening and a great group of hard-working people. I will be off doing Halloween events with my kids the next couple days but will make sure to check in with you. Tonight, I feel like I do sometimes before a snow event when I have been known to stay up most of the night until those first flakes actually fall. The good news is I can sleep tonight because it is the calm before the storm. It has been so long since some of us have seen a good rain I will be on edge until I actually see it. But I will keep the faith and I do think we will have enough lift, moisture, and instability to finally give us some welcome rainfall! Now for those of you that did check back here on the blog before that midnight snack here is an extra bonus!

Here is your exclusive 10 day forecast that you can find on our free weather app. If you do not have access to this I will make sure to post this 10 day forecast at least a few times a week for you. I am happy to say a spooktacular weather weekend  is on the way along with a dry election day. You will be able to get all those plans in and vote, then our lawns get some more help with rain back in the forecast by Wednesday. Of course I planned this...LOL. Have a good night, don't let the bed bugs bite and I will try not to worry about the rain.

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