Friday, October 22, 2010

Drought Intensifies, Richard May Bring Rain Relief

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2010 12:30 P.M.

It is the talk of the town! We all know of Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak of 56 games. Now we have a dry streak that will not soon be forgotten. Today will be our 23rd consecutive day without a drop of rain. In some ways it may be more impressive than "the streak" because we could go down with the driest October since at least 1871. Think about it! The eleven time all-star was inducted into the Hall of Fame and I am sure most of our lawns will agree this weather pattern belongs in the hall of shame. We love our nice October weather but most folks have had enough. The good news is I do think we will finally see some needed rain not only early next week but by later next week. It could not come soon enough. Notice the severe drought conditions taking up most of the First Coast especially from near the St.Johns River eastward. This includes all of Duval and St.Johns Counties.

I may not be able to control the weather but today I went out in search for rain. We all know First Coast as of right now has the only LIVE doppler radar in town as shown on television. Well I went to the National Weather Service to make sure their doppler radar was having the same problem picking up any drops of rain since September. Sure enough they agreed, no matter what radar you have been looking at we have picked up more bats, insects, and smoke from forest fires than rain. On Wednesday there were a few sprinkles in Pierce County, Georgia but that is the best we have been able to do. I spoke to Steve Letro the Meteorologist In Charge and we discussed why we should all be concerned about being this dry so early in the season. We are already now offically in our DROUGHT SEASON or what I call the dry season and if you are already running a deficit of 15 inches in some areas it likely will only get worse, especially when you are heading into a LA NINA winter. Check back over the weekend and on tonight's newscasts and I will have more on this developing weather story and phenomenon. Yes, fire season looks bad!

What you have all been waiting for....the latest on Tropical Storm Richard. It could become our best friend as we head into later next week. Not only is a ridge of high pressure to the north keeping it south but it does look like it will intensify before reaching Honduras over the weekend. Then the hurricane should slowly weaken. Richard should have plenty of leftovers or tropical moisture that a strong Halloween front coming later next week into our neighborhoods will tap. Not only could we see rain but maybe even some heavy downpours before we clear out for trick or treaters. Is this the last of the storms? Absolutely not! Scary Shary could be on the table Halloween weekend in the southeast Caribbean. That is right, storm number 18! What a season! It is pretty incredible how lucky the United States has been when it comes to being missed by a direct hit. Hopefully our luck can continue at least for the next few weeks.

You may hear what sounds like thunder in the sky this weekend, but do not worry. We have blue skies and Blue Angels in the forecast with comfortable sunshine and highs in the lower to middle 80s.Yes, rain is back in the forecast by Monday and once again later next week, but for this weekend keep those plans! I think there will be about a  quarter million people out there so the good news is we will have what I like to call million dollar weather. You can also enjoy the weather while making a difference this weekend!

This is one event you do not want to miss! It will be perfect. Temperatures will be in the middle 60s and more importantly we are one year closer to coming up with a cure. Have a wonderful weekend and of course I will keep you updated 24/7 here on the blog and it does look like all our prayers for rain will come true next week. I will post the winter forecast for you this weekend. It is a big one! We have had the 2nd hottest summer follow our coldest winter in 33 years! What is next? Check back and please send any cool weekend weather pictures to me at You may not only see yourself on TV but will be here on the weather blog. Thanks! Make sure to also leave some comments so I can write about any weather questions you  may have. I can write about 100 diffferent weather things or more each day.

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