Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Altocumulus Clouds Signal A Front on the Way!

Breaking Weather News! Rain is now within 250 miles of Jacksonville!! Why am I so excited. Well when you have had the driest October since will take every little bit of hope and run with it! Good morning and yes it was much warmer at the bus stop this morning! The 60.6 degrees was a huge jump from the upper 40s we saw on Monday. There was also more humidity in the air. How about those altocumulus clouds! They are signaling a front on the way by later today and I do think our Georgia friends could squeeze out at least an isolated shower from Waycross northward. I will have more on this and when the rest of us will receive some badly needed rain by later today. I am heading to a Fun Run at my daughter's school. I also have those fall picks to post. Have a great day!


JIWB said...

Had to remember to close my window last night. In Lafayette, Indiana it fell to 39.2* degrees. Brrrrrrrr Bring on the COLD SNOWY WEATHER!!

Hey Mike, When was the last time FL, seen snowfall? Think you'll get some this year? We know you love it! ;)

Justin In Lafayette, Indiana.

Anonymous said...

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