Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lafayette Winter Forecast Not Looking "Catastrophic"

Well, I worked on the winter forecast once again since I have been getting swamped with e-mails on why the two big almanacs that come out this time of year are calling for snowy and cold weather for much of the country. I can tell you that I do not see a historic winter setting up and nobody loves winter weather more than I do. The big thing I do see in the long-range maps is uncertainty on how strong the El Nino will be and if it develops. This will be huge in determining how much snow and cold air we receive. I do see water temperatures starting to rebound quickly out in the equatorial Pacific and this indicates my original forecast of a cold November and December with snowy weather giving way to an early Spring and warm new year still holds. I will explain more here in a bit and why this dry pattern we have having may be here to stay.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I like the winter forecast :( lol.....
It sure would be nice to have snow on the holidays.

Otherwise Mike this next Hurricane coming in is sure something I was looking at some maps and by friday it is expected to become a CAT 3.
Also models show it going to the golf and possibly near LA,

I guess what Im trying to say is if this hurricane hit's this warmer water it can go from a CAT 3to smoething higher fast. I have a friend in LA, and it would not be good to see them get hit with another big Hurricane. or any place!!!!

Anyone who wants to watch weather this one will sure be something.
I really hope everyone stay's safe!

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

Snow for the Holidays is all I wish for, the weather we are having now is beautiful!

I am concerned about the Hurricane, diffently worth watching!

All enjoy your day!

Teri in Lafayette