Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fay Finally Arrives in Lafayette, But Still No Rain

Here is a nice picture just sent in from the wind farm just east of Fowler. This is what you can expect here in Lafayette this evening. You can thank Fay for a beautiful sunset on the way with plenty of high cirrus clouds helping to bring us a dazzling display. I don't think I have ever been so excited to see clouds when they rolled in this afternoon. I even took Lauren outside to show her and tell her that this was part of a tropical storm that brought over 30 inches of rain to Florida. Unfortunately, the tropics are not done and tonight I will show you where Gustav is heading and why there are a couple more hurricanes behind it. We will see Hanna form this weekend in the Atlantic and that could very well be an east coast hurricane by later next week. Now back closer to home you can also blame Fay if your garden is drying out. Still no rain is expected and the heat is on in this forecast. I will have more on this and how many snows you can expect this winter. Now its off to see and talk to some boy scouts.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo! Here in Lafayette, ( south side) we are just starting to see the colors of the sunset!

Teri in Laf.

Brow said...

Hey everyone. Long time, no posting for me.

We've got very few light sprinkles here in Monticello right now (2:30pm)...could use a little more though. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone how is it going?

we just got a real quick light rain here as well and is over now nothing big at all :( Oh well all have a great day and WOW what a beautiful picture!!!!! :)

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

Brow...I had a few sprinkles here in Remington, also. Could use some more! the lavendar shirt and tie!

yes, we need rain but no storms tonight, please??

Have a great holiday weekend all!