Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Stranger Summer Just Keeps Getting Stranger!

We have to start off this morning with a song from the Twilight Zone. Snow is in the forecst in northern Wyoming on Friday night which is only about 1,200 miles from Lafayette and at the same time we have no 90 degree weather even close to us. A nor'easter is heading up the East Coast. Florida has had damaging thunderstorms due to a cold front nearby. Normally this does not happen until October. The big threat for Florida by early next week will be a hurricane. There could be not one but two hurricanes forming in the next 10 days. I haven't even gotten to the 110 mph jet stream howling into the Tennesee Valley from the northwest. What season is it? You could make a case all of our upper-level maps are looking like a mix of autumn and winter. The developing hurricanes will be a reminder that it really is still summer. I will have more on this bizarre pattern and the Purdue's back to school forecast. Boiler Up!



Anonymous said...

Morning Mike and all I got up went out to check the rain gauge and here by the fairground I got .25" inches of rain.

Mike you are not jokeing when you say what time of year is it. this is some wild weather. As for the hrricane make sure your family stays safe which Im sure you will do anyway! :)

To bad that snow wont make it here :( lol. Well everyone have a great day!!!!!

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin and all bloggers. I had a thundershower pass through at 2:00 a.m. this morning leaving .25 inch rain, just as Justin did. I saw that cell forming down by Laf and wondered who would get that rain. We needed a shower--to make the grass grow, LOL..I have been mowing this summer about every four days. Last summer I went WEEKS without mowing. I do NOT miss last summer at all!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon all! I was awakened by the sound of thunder and rain, had to close windows at 2:30 am.

Wild wx indeed, Hey Mary Anne, I just saw the photo of the cold air funnel cloud you were telling me about. I have witnessed a couple of them, they can be scary looking!,

Great Job Lady:)

Teri in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Hey teri and all.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the humane society garage sale all the money they make gos to help them buy supplies for the animals. Here in Tippecanoe countie. Here is the link check it out!!!!!

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Justin! I used to be a manager for the H.S. Their garage sales are great, they also need donations! The HS and our animal friends need all the help they can get!

All bloggers if you have the time or stuff around the house that you no longer need, please donate to the HS or go to the sale and you will find some super items! Our animal friends will be for ever greatful!

Hope they have good wx! Have a great time Justin!

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

Yes teri we donated some stuff there last year and also went to the sale so it has become something we do every year and the best thing is of course it is for a good cause.

Justin in Lafayette.