Friday, May 2, 2008

Thunderstorms Erupt...Possible Weather Watch by Late Day

The strongest of the thunderstorms still look to be between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. We have already had a few thunderstorms across the area.

The two main tornado threat areas for today: northwest Illinois, southwest Wisconsin, and Eastern Iowa...another area to watch will be western Tennessee through Louisiana.

Here at home there is plenty of shear in the atmosphere but the clouds and timing of the front seem to be playing in our favor. Also the main low pressure area is occluding well west of Indiana. If it was about 150 miles closer to home then we would have been in much deeper trouble. Highest wind speeds aloft are also staying well west of our area near the storm center which will also help keep our tornado threat under 10%. We are not expecting those scary rope tornado images we saw in Missouri and Oklahoma here at home.

With that said.....we are not out of the woods. The one thing I am concerned about though will be a squall line with possible bow echoes coming through this evening. Damaging hail and wind will definitely be the main threats and remember bow echoes can sometimes produce brief tornadoes or gustnadoes. I will keep you posted. Stay calm, stay safe, and stay tuned. Good news for the weekend....this classic Spring storm will dry slot us most of Saturday with good running weather in Indianapolis and only a few pop up showers late in the day tomorrow.


Brow said...

Thats a little more comforting news Mike.

The rain literally chased me home for lunch and although the temps still read the same, it seems much cooler.

I will keep watching like its going out of style though.

Anonymous said...

The system has been picking up speed and moving faster than expected so I wonder if our severe threat will go up later?

All of the storms this year slowed down when they deepened and dumped feet of snow on their northwest cycle and then they started occluding and sped up eastward...I think that's going to happen today.

Anonymous said...

Mammatus clouds going overhead right now here in Lafayette at 2:15!

Anonymous said...

Down to 62* now, not much to the west on radar right now. Is it going to get bad again later on, or is the worst over now?(2:30pm). Keep us updated Mike!

Dogmom Cheryl said...

After reading the new AFD I'm feeling a little more optimistic. Looks like we may dodge a major bullet, though I'm sure we'll get some unsettling stuff out of it. At least for now, I'm breathing a little easier. Sure hope our luck so far holds!

Brow said...

Yes, my Lilapsophobia is starting to reside a little now.

Is it safe to say "Whew!" yet?

I keep watching the radar and its hard to see where things are going right now.

It is getting chillier though. Yay, cool weather just in time for the weekend. :(