Friday, May 2, 2008

Clearing Skies in Illinois & Indiana, Keep Your Eyes To the Sky

The sunshine has broken out even here at WLFI and even though all is quiet that still looks like it will change, especially after 9 p.m. Remember we had our moisture blocked by huge storms to our south earlier limiting inflow along the cold front. Those storms have now moved East. This is causing the atmosphere to bubble up the second line of thunderstorms as expected. Now I looked at some soundings out of Lincoln and the National Weather Service in Indianapolis confirmed what I saw. Convective Available Potential Energy or CAPE values are still running below 450 and when you mix this out our severe weather threat remains on the low side. Our Precision and Live Doppler 18 is confirming this with a modest line of thunderstorms forming now in Illinois with no warnings as of 5:43 p.m. I think it will be tough to have wind gusts much above 40 mph. I will check back with the latest after the 6 p.m. show. Thanks for your blog comments and participating. Together we can keep everybody on the same page and hopefully calm!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!! I especially am glad that you put the time of your post in the blog update, very informative! I am not a TV watcher, so this site and blog are important to me for local info.

Anonymous said...

It had cooled off quite a bit with the rain earlier today, and then after it started warming up again it suddenly cooled down...especially the dew points in the last few hours.

Just now starting to get that humid feel again outside like it might storm. Might not be anything severe or might be but it just barely is starting to get more muggy out here at 6:30.