Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prangley Precast Goes from Sunny to Stormy!

Well, I thought I would give this a try to let you know what I am working on before the newscast to kind of set the table so to speak before the main newscasts. I wish I could put out some of my wife's cookies out as well, but you can't have everything. Enjoy and let me know what you think. It is certainly a work in progress.


Jim said...

I hope it isn't another after dark event. Those are the most difficult for spotters.

renee said...

I hope its not after dark storms bc they worry me. I wanted to say that I was so happy for the great weather on race day. That was my first time there and I will never forget it.Thank you Indy 500 ppl for the free tickets that were givin to military families.

jacki said...

The after dark storms may be harder for spotters to see (and i do feel your pain), but MAN are they beautiful!! I love watching the lightening jump across the dark sky!! It's even better if you're notin town! You can watch the bolts go cloud-to-cloud!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVEEEE those storms!!!

Keep up the good work,Mike!!

Anonymous said...

I like the video,

Anonymous said...

hey mike.. i like the new video blog ! I am hopeing the SPC. raises our outlook to moderate. Currently they have us in the slight at about 30 percent, do you think with the high 30 percent, and things coming together, do you think they will up it to moderate ? I hope so , i love nothing more than to monitor severe weather and chase tornados ! Thanks
Brandon ( indianapolis )