Friday, May 23, 2008

Like the cat's meow for most of our big weekend!

I have inspiring weather for you this weekend and an inspiring story to tell you about to get your holiday weekend off to an auspicious start. Here is a short poem I wrote to kick it off.

Every day we all have unsung heroes that help us in our daily lives. It may be the person that gives you a warm hello or bright smile that turns your day to more than just okay. When you are feeling weary it is the person that gives you a compliment or pat on the back so you can get back on track. An unsung hero is a shining example of what a true leader can be like a lighthouse helping a lost ship out at sea. Have you thanked your unsung hero today or once again taken them for granted in life's shakespearean play?

Here at WLFI let me introduce you to a couple of unsung heroes that helped save a little kitten that has now become a great part of our WLFI family. Thanks to Allie Kruczek, our weeknight director, and Jeff Smith, our anchor, acting quickly it became a story that went from tragic to triumph. It all started with the unusually chilly, unsettled May weather pattern we have been in. Apparently a mother cat and her new litter took refuge under our weather deck to stay warm and dry. Unfortunately, the mother cat left behind one of her babies and they heard what sounded like a "mi-mi-mi" under the deck. So Allie made a special rake-like instrument that was able to scoop the kitten to safety. She estimated the kitten may have been stuck under the deck for more than 24 hours. The good news is that Allie and Jeff quickly found some food for little Herbie. Here is an upclose shot of Jeff feeding him below.

One week later Herbie is doing wonderful and Allie has a nice little kitten. Herbie is only about 3 weeks old and I can tell you I have never seen a kitten that young nor so cute. Herbie has even become our station mascot and went out to help cheer on the WLFI softball squad to victory on Wednesday night. Maybe we can do some Herbie promos in the near future. Make sure to write Kurt Lahrman if that would interest you. :) So how does this all relate to our weather? Well, it is going to end up as nice as the cat's meow or should I say Herbie's meow this weekend!

You can see the grillcast is looking nice! We may have a few showers around on Friday, but don't let that fool you. We look to dry out and heat up this weekend and it could turn out to be the nicest race day in years! But it is Indiana nature always makes our Memorial Day weekend interesting. In fact of the big three "summer" weekend that include Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, it is Memorial Day that usually brings the stormiest weather. Last night you can see it lived up to its reputation.

Notice all the storm reports around the country. There were nearly 200 damage reports and 40 reports of tornadoes. Unfortunately it turned deadly with at least one death in Colorado. A tornado up to about a mile wide devastated Windsor, Colorado. This is what is called a wedge tornado. Cars and trucks were tossed like toys off of U.S. Interstate 85. This is all in response to a huge storm system taking shape out west and meeting the warm dome of air moving into Indiana this weekend. We should stay on the warm and drier side of this storm for our big weekend. But it will send a front our way that could give us a few strong thunderstorms. While we are not expecting a tornado outbreak here in the Midwest we will be on guard with whatever nature decides to cook up on its weather grill.

The yellow-shaded areas are where the severe weather risk will be for our viewing area late Sunday night and Monday. I will update this as we get closer and do a blog update over the weekend if needed. One other interesting note to check back for will be a space station marathon over Indiana this weekend. Tune in tonight on where to look and much more. Have a great day!

Herbie the WLFI cat says to have fun this weekend but be safe!!


Anonymous said...

Kudoes to Allie and Jeff for nursing the kitten, Herbie, back to health!

Rain is on the radar this morning! Let it get this out of its system today as we have a rehearsal dinner tonight and an afternoon wedding tomorrow! Also two men in our household are itching to launch a new boat and fishing poles in the water!

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

I think that is great what Allie and Jeff did for herbie not many people would do that.I have been watching the weather for race day can't wait it look nice.

Mike keep up the good work!!!

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story, and your poem was very touching! Happy to hear that baby Herbie is doing well. I am sure that he will grow to be a wonderful companion! Great job Allie and Jeff! I used to work for our local Animal Shelter and have nursed many of babies just like Herbie back to health. Takes special people to care enough to do so.

One day a puppy was brought into the shelter, she was just about 2 weeks old, and was found in a trash can! She fit in the palm of my hand. Some one just threw away a live puppy! I hand fed this pup, and when it was time for her to be adopted out, I could not let her go. 5 years later she is still with me,now 75 lbs. and a bit confused as to if she is a dog or a human. She says "ma ma" well sounds like it to us. Our community needs more people like Allie and Jeff to help with animals like Herbie.

Now for the weather, my daughter is on her way to Indiana Beach with her class, sure hope the kids are able to have fun regardless of the chilly temps and rain! Sounds like good news for Race day at least!

Hope all of you at TV18 have a wonderful Holiday!


Anonymous said...

We should be greatful for the creatures who live alongside us as companions and friends; for their loyalty, love, and trust which enrich our lives and give us joy. May we learn the value of kindness, the power of mercy, the gentleness, and compassion we all can give.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the west is in for round 2! nasty! I hear its heading our way

Anonymous said...

Happy race day.