Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great weather to enjoy our bonus evening daylight all week long!

Sunday March 13, 2011
What a weekend it has been. The Gate River Run brought fantastic weather and it is just the beginning of a winning weather pattern. Nature will deserve some medals like Mark and Adam above. You see their biggest fans were there to greet them at the finish line. Looking at the latest models this week the first thing that sticks out is the strong Pacific jet stream that will crash into the California coastline this week with a couple systems. This is setting up what is called a positive EPO which is short for East Pacific Oscillation. This is a Spring index meteorologists look at in Florida and when it is positive it usually brings us warmer than normal temperatures and dry weather. That is exactly what is in your forecast. Inland location the next couple days will be near 80 while a sea breeze will keep things a little cooler near the coast with highs in the middle 70s.

There may be a few more clouds on Tuesday with a front that has little in the way of upper support due to the EPO so do not expect any rain. Our plants will not have to worry about any frosts this week but make sure to water them. I am happy to say my garden is doing quite well and this includes the salvia or sage made it through Saturday mornings slight frost. I spent a ton of time in the garden this weekend and planted away. Now this would not have been possible back on this date in 1993. Do you know why?

Yes, this is the anniversary of the Super Storm here in Florida when on this date in 1993 we had no fewer than 11 tornadoes and a 12 foot storm surge along the west coast. You see this gargantuan storm on the NOAA satellite picture that had a whopping low pressure of 960 mb or 28.34 inches. We even had snow flurries and wind chills in the 20s in Jacksonville within 12 hours of all the severe weather. High temperatures were near 70 at midnight and fell into the 30s during the afternoon! Wind gusts hit 76 mph here in Jacksonville and there were plenty of power outages around town. Tonight join me at 6:30 and 11 p.m. and I will have more on this Super Storm and super weather pattern. I will also be back this evening to post some more maps for you here on the blog. Take care. Enjoy the nice late sunset tonight at 7:34 p.m. It should be picture-perfect.

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