Saturday, March 19, 2011

All eyes on the moon and record high temperatures! They will bedazzle you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here was the scene this morning at First Coast News. It was a moon 99% illuminated but I did notice it was brighter than normal full moon or not. Jason Thomas was kind enough to bring his camera to work and take this great picture. Please send in your moon pictures tonight so I can share them on the air and here on the blog! Thanks ahead of time. Our main anchor Len told me he could not believe the moon was not full this morning and he almost got out the sun shades it was so bright! You have not seen anything yet. This evening we will have 100% moonlight and 100% clear skies. Moonrise is at 7:51 p.m. The latest models do not show clouds moving in until after midnight. Check out the latest super moon synoptic map!

Yes your weather map is showing why it will be a picture-perfect for all the moon gazers. High pressure will still be in charge keeping the cold front and clouds to our north. Think of this as our local heat pump and the key to the forecast not only for tonight but today. The clock-wise flow around our fair weather friend will bring more of a west wind and hold back the cooler ocean breezes until late today. This means get ready for some sizzle. We will not only have bright sunshine but near record high temperatures. The record for this date is 89 set back in 1963. I see Jacksonville reaching 87, but there could be a few unofficial record highs for inland locations. Here is the latest forecast highs from where you live!

Since many inland locations reached the upper 80s yesterday I was not shy to talk about our first 90 degree readings of the year on the way for areas like Palatka, Keystone Heights and the Bethea State Forest. Orange Park you will be an orange-throw away from the big nine zero. Notice even the beaches will warm up nicely into the lower to middle 80s. The sea breeze will be holding off until late afternoon. The fishing weather looks awesome with seas remaining at 2-3 feet even well offshore and a wind shift to the northeast late at 10 to 15 knots. Good luck to the world's best bass fisherman out in Palatka today! Last year our first 90 degree reading in our First Coast viewing area was not until May 1st! Today we certainly will have a summer day on the last day of winter! You can always jump into the chilly pool or ocean if it gets too hot for you. Pool temperatures are running in the mid to upper 60s while the ocean is still in the lower to middle 60s. Speaking of the water I did tell you I would keep track of the tides this weekend since we do see higher and lower tides than normal during a regular full moon. Now with our closest full moon since 1993 here is the latest.

Yes, we usually do not have any beach erosion concerns until the tides run from 1 to 1.5 feet above normal according to Chief Meteorologist Tim Deegan. Actual flooding concerns to roads usually do not take place until we are running 3 or more feet above normal. Tim is a wealth of information and I appreciate him teaching me all the little local phenomenon or micro scale meteorological tips that add up in a huge way. We are truly a weather team and it makes a huge difference on and off the air! We would have been more concerned about erosion and flooding due to the tidal pull of the moon if we had a big nor'easter bearing down on us. But I see no big storms within a thousand miles of us!

Now if you are looking for Spring weather I do have plenty of that in your forecast. Spring is quickly closing in and low and behold I do have a Spring front showing up and moving through the area by late tonight.

This front is a backdoor cold front coming off the Atlantic Ocean. We all know that wind the wind switches off the ocean this time of year nature can turn the calendar back a couple months and this time around that is no exception. Highs will be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler on Sunday. Now we do need the rain and even though you do see plenty of green on this model run I am thinking only a select few will see any. Make sure to tune in tonight at 6, 6:30, and 11 for the latest on the haves and have-nots on rainfall and a much tougher fishing day on the way for Sunday. See you soon and have a great day!

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