Monday, March 9, 2009

New look & New place for the blog--Click below for updates

Hey blog fans. We're moving to a new blog platform.

It's not updated in's navigation yet (it will be tomorrow!) but click on the link below for a sneak peek at our new look and updates about the flooding.


Anonymous said...

Is neat! Thanks Mike

Anonymous said...

Oh No, flooding worse then 2008 Please NO! looks like the rain could be moving our way in a couple of hours. And the heavy heavy rain and storms around 4:00 am MIKE?? I will never get any sleep!

Brow said...


Gotta love WordPress! :)

I am in the midst of changing my site over to WordPress as well...if I ever get time. :p

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary Anne, were you feeling all alone again LOL! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am worried about the flooding and storms! I dont like it when storms hit at night!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad we can't post anonymously on the new blog, but I guess that was to deter the really negative comments.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new blog will be as fast as this one.

Anonymous said...

There are 3 of us with the same email address in my house, and all love to post, will we still be able to do that? Or will it show just one name??

Anonymous said...

Not having the same mindset or views as others does'nt constitute negitivity.But when you own the site you pretty much control the topic of conversation.Enjoy your mindless entertainment.The weather is so much more unpredictable,unlike so many of you.I predict these comments will be on here for less than 1/2 hour.

Anonymous said...

Wabash Flood Stage: 18.68 ft
Flow: 223 kcfs*
Impacts: Extensive flooding is in progress. Flooding covers many acres of agricultural land. River cabins become isolated. Indiana 225 closed by high water. River Road, the western approach to Granville Bridge and higher county roads begin to flood. High water affects river cabins near Fort Quiatenon area. County Road 775 East near Americus in Northeast Tippecanoe County begins to flood. All parks in the West Lafayette and Lafayette areas are flooded.

And to think more rain to come.. Pray

Anonymous said...

You guys i am going to BED now to try to get some rest. heavy rain is headed at us as I type. but you know that. darn i wish this thing used "WORD" so my spelling and caps would be automatic :-)

Anonymous said...

Read this entire sure to scroll down:

Anonymous said...

Ha! has you naysaying on this friendly blog finally comming to an end? We are not mindless, we love the weather. Many disagree on what could happen weather wise, but most are not rude.

Anonymous said...

I like the new blog set up! Hope it is user friendly :) No rain in Attica as of 1:00 a.m.

Have a good night all!


Anonymous said...

I don't write often but read the blog many times a day. Everyone on seems very nice and knowledgeable about the weather.I am a storm chaser at heart and always have been. So I am happy spring and summer are
Everyone has fears and at one time we have to face them. As a child i was scared of storms. Then when as a teen I was in a tornado and that changed everthing.
Just have your safe place set and ready to go at all times.And remember all the safty rules.
All stay safe tonight and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at the radar and saw a few things poping up and a lot of yellow over IL. i hate storms at night and the tornado sirens are not loud, i dont think they would wake me up...when they went off sun my neighbor didnt even hear them
renee in laf.

Anonymous said...

Pouring as I am getting ready to walk out the door. And a rumble of thunder. Rivers are still on the rise. BE SAFE!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree wlith the poster on "views of others doesn't constitute negativity."

There always have been a few who want to control this site and use it for email to talk about kids, jobs, and exchange recipes, instead of different views on the weather.

Have you ever noticed how the blog heats up when you get different points of view. That's what a blog is for. Not to let your friend know your going shopping.

I predict this site will be gone by summer.

Anonymous said...

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for the Tippecanoe and Wabash rivers until further notice. Flooding was also expected in lowlands and other areas throughout the multi-county area.

In Tippecanoe County, Indiana 225 between Battle Ground and Indiana 25 was shut down this morning, along with Indiana 43 by Wabash Valley Hospital. Other roads throughout the multi-county area also had high water.

Motorists were asked to use caution and not to drive into areas of high water.

The Tippecanoe River under Indiana 18 in Carroll County was measured at 8.94 feet. at 2 a.m. Flood stage is 8 feet.

However, officials in Carroll County noted it has rained since then. People who live along the river were asked to be on the alert this morning.

Waters there crested at 15.07 feet during the February 2008 flood and 17.83 feet during the January 2008 flood, it's all time record.

The Wabash River in Lafayette was at 19.25 feet at 2 a.m. Flood stage is 11 feet.

It is expected to crest at 21.3 feet on Thursday in Lafayette. At 21 feet, Shamrock Park on Lafayette's south side would begin to flood and the Edgelea, Tecumseh and Southlea additions in Lafayette would begin to experience standing water.

In Covington, the river was at 18.58 feet at 3 a.m. Flood stage there is 16 feet. It's expected to crest at 26 feet on Friday. To put that into perspective, the river crested at 27.72 feet in Covington in February 2008 and at 26.03 feet in January 2008.

The forecast for Greater Lafayette calls for showers and possibly thunderstorms today before noon, possibly adding up to 1/2 inch of additional rain. It should be windy and warm, with highs in the mid 60s and wind gusts up to 33 mph.

More rain is in tonight's forecast, with thunderstorms not out of the question. Up to 1/2 inch of additional rain is possible. It should be windy and cold, with lows in the low 30s and wind gusts up to 31 mph.

Wednesday should be partly sunny, windy and cold. Highs should be in the mid 30s with wind gusts up to 29 mph.

Anonymous said...

Not sure which blog to use. The post I made to the new link is not posted yet, but .... have .83 inches rain so far. Some moderate lightning and thunder to go along. Creek has to be out but it is TOO DARK to see yet.


Anonymous said...

I have a little thunder here in Lafayette but nothing bad! Currently just Light thunder and rain. Well, a MOD rainfall


Anonymous said...

Morning, Justin! seems we are the only two up at this hour :-)

Rain seems to be about over for now according to radar. sure hope so!

MA how much rain do you have down there or have you checked yet? Thanks for that zulu time :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to read someone elses post on the negativity issue.I was beginning to think it was just me,but when you follow one persons lead on everything,its hard to be objective.Think for yourself people.Its liberating!