Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red Sky in the Morning, Hoosiers Take Warning Next Week

Alli Loy sent in this beautiful picture of a Reynolds sunrise where temperatures were not far from zero degrees this morning. You can also see a bit of a sun pillar effect with the sunlight reflecting off of ice crystals in the clouds. The good news is this red sky in the morning will not likely give way to any storm warning until next week. Speaking of this...

I have updated the numbers and snow chances on and wanted to make sure you did not let your guard down. The latest long-range maps are flipping around like fish, but if you look at the overall pattern we are still primed for a snowy period starting next week and lasting for about 10 days. The timing is very difficult at this point for exactly when the "big one" will hit. I favor a lighter overrunning snow to begin the week next week with bigger happenings likely by the middle and end of the week. The month of February is looking absolutely wild with plenty of moisture to work with and huge temperature swings. Let the fun begin!

This means if you like the quieter and milder weather to really enjoy the next couple of days. Latest data indicates we could break 40 degrees now. Make sure to tune in to find out who I think will make the 40 degree club and why and of course tonight I will post more maps and information on our busy pattern developing next week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Mike! This snow and the models have been rather fish like :-) lol!


Anonymous said...

Swimming all over the place??:)
I have not been able follow the wx, been busy with work and fighting a cold:(

Thanks for the updates Mike and all!


Anonymous said...

I guess every one is resting up for weather tracking is quiet! Every body have a great night.

Joey said...

10 days of snowy crap?!