Saturday, July 2, 2011

Splendid Saturday in the Park Before the 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lauren tells the weather story nicely for us this weekend. It will bring plenty of smiles and splendid sparkling sunshine to go with the sparklers. It will be the first time this summer nobody has any rain in our entire viewing area.  Our rain streak stops at 11. Yes, I have been waiting a long time for this day... I have the Chicago song, Saturday in the Park, stuck in my head for good reason. Here is why it is our weather song of the day.

People talking, really smiling, a man playing guitar, selling ice cream, and singing for us all as high pressure moves in at the surface and aloft. Keystone Heights is really getting into the spirit of our weather tune with their 4th of July in the Park days taking place today, culminating with a fireworks display on Sunday. We not only have the best weather in Florida today but in the entire country. The old front that sparked our storms yesterday will linger into central and south Florida the next couple days. They will be the ones worrying about having more clouds and scattered storms. Much of the country is sizzling and still recovering from flooding. The desert southwest could hit 120 today with much of tornado alley in the heartland being ravaged not by wind but road-buckling 100 degree heat.

Speaking of which I am still calling this weekend bonus weather because we will have comfortable humidity levels by Florida standards and refreshing sea breezes to enjoy! Temperatures east of Interstate 95 will likely not even hit 90 which does not happen often in July along with no real heat index to worry about with lower dewpoints! Yes, a real celebration of weather and freedom. If you are heading to Daytona for the big race tonight the thunderous roar of cars can be expected instead of nature's usual thunderous rain delays. Expect partly cloudy skies with temperatures not far from 80.

Orange Park will be enjoying a nice fireworks display tonight under the stars and stripes at their Freedom Festival.

There is also the street dance going on in Keystone Heights tonight at 7 p.m. The question is when will nature's fireworks return. Here is your updated Futurecast. We should be okay through Sunday with rain chances at 5% or less. But Monday I think a few isolated locations could see a quick shower or storm.

This is way overdone but I would not be surprised to see a fleeting shower or storm mainly from Marion County south and westward as the tropical air from the south starts to slowly  move back northward. It should not ruin any of your plans! You take care and have a wonderful weekend. I will make sure to check back with you here on the blog with what you can expect the rest of July! Will the drought continue to improve? Also I appreciate you tuning in! We have our normal shows this weekend including the 7 a.m. Good Morning Jacksonville Sunday. Have fun and be safe!

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