Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July! Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and a Beautiful Blue Sky!

I better not forget the snow cones! They go well with the sunshine as Cassidy and Cam show us! Thanks Lynn for sending in pictures from the Keystone Heights parade where the weather was perfect and folks were enjoying fine music and honoring those that served and are serving our country. We certainly would not be able to enjoy all this free sunshine without our military! A big thank you. Most people do not realize that our Founding Fathers were fascinated by the weather and really our country's first meteorologists. There are several weather archives you can find from 1776 thanks to them being weather geeks like me! On July 2, 1776 during the heat of the debate when Continental Congress was voting to ratify the Declaration of Independence a cold front likely moved through providing relief from the relentless heat. I think this helped them stay focused and sure enough it was ratified. By July 4th Independence was officially adopted and declared and Jefferson noted that it was comfortable with temperatures in the 70s thanks to a north wind. The rest is history! Two-hundred thirty five years later we have a lot to be proud of!

Enjoy the nice weather for one more day. I will be back to talk about rain on the increase especially by late week. But for now it is all about being thankful with friends and family.

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