Thursday, May 21, 2009

Record-Setting Storm Finally Showing Signs of Relinquishing Its Grip!

Yes, this was one a road or Blanding Boulevard and it was washed away by the storm with no name! Dangerous driving conditions will continue today with flood advisories in many areas through late this afternoon.

This tropical nor'easter of May 2009 is certainly one for the books. I am up to 11.50 inches here in St.Johns, Florida with some spots near St. Augustine close to 15 inches of rain. Downtown Jacksonville has also been hit with 10 inches of rain with a ton of road closures. If you are in Middleburg where about 11 inches of rain has fallen there have been reports of some roads swept away so please do not attempt to even try to cross water-covered roads.Yesterday we saw in amazement as a portion of Blanding Boulevard caved in as you see above. Areas on the Westside have new waterfront property as you seen below.

This storm has not been fit for man, woman, or beast. But the frogs here are loving it! They were so loud last night that it sounded like a jet airplane was ready to take off in my backyard. This morning one of my daughters had to chase a frog out of the garage that looked more like a guinea pig. I can tell you that my yard looks much better, and our magnolia tree looks much healthier. Bu it will be an adventure trying to cut the grass that is growing before my eyes.

I do have good news...the improving conditions begin this afternoon. Rain will become more sporadic and while we could still see a few more downpours any additional rainfall will likely stay at an inch or less. We will also start warming up after three days in a row with record low high temperatures. Highs will rebound in the middle to upper 70s. Latest guidance on Friday still shows plenty of clouds but we could finally see some sunshine for the first time since Sunday. Notice the latest maps do show our storm pulling away on Saturday taking most of the rain with it as you see below! The beaches and most of Jacskonville looks good but if you are headed toward Gainesville, Tampa, or the Panhandle it could be a much soggier story.

Any shower or thunderstorm activity should be widely scattered with a half-inch of rain or less expected. Do not cancel those pool parties just yet! Saturday and Sunday looks even better with weather more typical of summer in Florida. Look for a pop up shower or thunderstorm mainly with the daytime heating in the afternoon. Highs will rebound into the middle to upper 80s. By Monday look for highs back near 90!

One important thing of note: There have been reports of over 28 inches of rain near Bunnell which is more than the 27.5 inches of rain we saw during Tropical Storm Fay in August. Areas near Daytona Beach and Bunnell have gone from a rain deficit of 10 inches to a surplus of about 10 inches. Now that is one good thing out of all this! The drought is over!

I will have more on this historical storm later today with more pictures.


I have no reason to change my great weekend forecast for you. I stuck my neck out there for you on Tuesday for a dry weekend and I will stick by that forecast. It looks great at the track. But keep in mind this record-setting storm in Florida will eventually work up into the Midwest by the middle of next week and behind it chilly weather will return. So enjoy those 80s while you can. Have a great day!! I am off to lunch. I still have a Teri picture to post of peonies that are basking in all the Midwest sun. Maybe that will cheer up some Floridians that are just not used to all these clouds!


Brow said...

Thanks for the chance of hope Mike. Some weather sites are showing a chance of rain for everyday of the long weekend...blah!

Anonymous said...

I have seen some beautiful peonies in bloom here in Remington. There are many Mem Days when they are not yet in bloom.

Mike, sounds like the rains in FL are extreme! I know there is drought in places...either feast or famine, huh?