Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deluge Continues With More Than 12" Possible Now in Some Areas

Dropping my kids off at school this morning was scary and we had to pull off to the side of the road. You see this picture showing the wind shield wipers being no match for nature! Flooding and bad accidents were common across the area. Here are a couple of pictures from First Coast News showing roads and backyards looking more like lakes and rivers.

We have been making national headlines and you know it is a big deal when the Weather Channel shows up in your backyard. You see Mike Siedel fighting the elements this morning at Jacksonville Beach where winds were still gusting from 30 to 40 mph and pounding waves were causing more beach erosion.

This storm may not be named but it will outdue Tropical Storm Fay in terms of rainfall before all is said and done. Faye is the storm that changed Florida forever and to put this storm in the same breath with it is pretty amazing. Up to 8 inches here in St. Johns, Florida with another 3 to 6 inches on the way. Black creek flooding is likely with a crest above 17 feet by tomorrow afternoon. Flood stage is 16 feet! Thunderstorms will be added to the mix tonight and tomorrow with heavy bands of rain continuing at times. The main low pressure will not pull away until Friday and that is when we could see a break from the worst of the weather. But flooding and clean-up will last well into the holiday weekend. I have been through many storms but this one may bring the most rain I have ever seen. Now I am off to the beach getting some pictures for the WTLV TV-12 newscast tonight. Make sure to send all your pictures to I will check back with more pictures and rainfall amounts...and of course forecast upddates!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, At first I thought your windshield picture was a picture of clouds. Then I realized it was the rain. WOW! That is a lot of rain. Here in Frankfort it is warm and breezy and dry. Thanks for all your Indiana updates.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was clouds too!

Anonymous said...

Oh the Florida life, is rainy and full of lightning, yet all is full of beauty in its own way. been in way to many of those storms.

I fled Fl. got tired to the hurricanes, now live in the midwest which is full of snow and tornados, I miss the sea, yet I am a corn fed kid at heart.

Love Florida and the midwest. Any place to live in the where the weather dosent get bad LOL??

Anonymous said...

California has a great climate (southern CA that is). But then you would have to deal with wildfires and earthquakes.