Friday, June 22, 2007

Fire & Rain Weather Pattern Settles in for Start of Summer

This map says it all! We have a totally different weather pattern setting up as we head into the first week of summer. I see fire and I see rain. Do I sound like James Taylor yet? Yes! He is one of my favorite singers and it looks like we will all be singing in the rain, because many areas will see well over an inch of rain with four inch rain totals in spots not out of the question. This is all because of a hot summer dome of air that is pushing our way along with a stalled frontal boundary across the region. We will be sizzling in the middle 90s for highs by early next week. So this is the fire in the forecast. The rain is coming from showers and thunderstorms riding around its periphery of the hot high pressure or what we call "ridge runners." They are known to bring heavy rain amounts, and can also pop severe thunderstorms usually in the form of large hail and damaging wind. Here are the main threats I think we will have here in Lafayette the next couple of days.

This is really hard to believe. But the latest models do not lie. We were experiencing drought conditions last week and now I am forecasting the potential of flash flooding as our biggest weather threat. Only in Indiana! I still think some areas could have severe weather in the form of hail or damaging wind, but it should be isolated in nature. We have a lot of campers out there this weekend and the combination of lightning and flooding is not good. Make sure you stay alert to changing weather conditions and have a plan B or place to go when the weather turns threatening. Never cross waters of unknown depth. Most people die in their cars during flash flooding and it is still the number one weather killer in our country. So even though our tornado chances remain small this weekend, we have plenty of weather to keep us concerned about and many good reasons to stay tuned.

Here is another reason for all of the busy weather. Notice the stalled out stationary front across our area. Its exact position will make all the difference in the world for severe weather. Since we are going to be north of the front on the cooler side of the storm, I think we will have more isolated severe weather. Where it will be warmer and more humid which will be south of the front they can expect more severe weather. This will be roughly in a line from Cincinnati to Indianapolis and over to Champaign. The main thing is everybody across Indiana should get in on the heavy rain. Yes, it is going to rain cats and dogs! Speaking of dogs...

Mary Anne Best our weatherwatcher sent in this picture of Princess Maggie and the dried out grass is tough to walk on and hard on her paws. This picture really sums up how much we still need the rain. We are running about 2 to 3 inches below average on rainfall since late April. Maggie seems to be smiling in this picture and really does look like a princess! I think we will all be smiling with all of the rain in the forecast. Today is a perfect day for WLFI's bring your dog to work day! Bowie, Jr. (BJ) is ready to run around the building with Daddy barking up a storm about all the rain. He is a real ham and full of personality. You can really see it in the picture below.

But remember this forecast has not gone to the dogs. We should have plenty of dry hours this weekend. We will have occasional thunderstorms once again Saturday, but not an all day rain for the Fiddler's Gathering. Sunday looks to be mainly dry with the hot weather really starting to take hold. Make sure to have a great weekend and our weather team will continue to keep you posted on all the storms that do pop. Now I better go get BJ ready for his big trip to work with me. I will bring plenty of treats. If time permits maybe he can even make a guest appearance. It should be exciting either way, weatherwise and otherwise. Thanks for taking time to check the blog and I look forward to seeing you on the tube tonight.

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marymary60 said...

Thanks Mike, for showing Maggie. she does love her AC home, LOL...and so do I. It is wonderful today being cooler and cloudy which helps hold the moisture we did receive. I know we got every drop of the .50 we received from 2:30-5:00 a.m. today! We WILL take more and pray everyone stays safe.