Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3 Seasons in the Next 48 Hours After Tornadoes Hit Clay County

Well, I was hoping I was wrong on Sunday night when I was blogging and forecasting. I knew our pattern was going to change and not for the better when it came to severe weather. On Monday, nature lived up to its potential by producing not one but two tornadoes. They were only 90 miles from Lafayette.

I spoke with the National Weather Service and they were thinking these tornadoes were not the typical supercell tornado, but either a result of cold air funnels as discussed in the blog yesterday or low-topped thunderstorms with enough rotation for brief, weak tornadoes. Based on the damage reports I am leaning toward cold air funnels. There were reports of damage to the tops of trees and a rooftops likely because the funnels were well up in the sky. Usually cold air funnels have trouble reaching the ground and when they do only minor damage is reported. That was certainly the case in Clay County just after 6:30 p.m. last night.

Today we have plenty of excitement in the forecast. Notice the map above with not one, not two, but three seasons on the way all in the matter of 48 hours! We could actually have lows in the 40s tonight and be in the 90s by Thursday. That is impressive. We will still have to watch out for strong storms by Thursday night. But let's take it one day at a time. Enjoy the refreshing breezes while you can today. Here is why! Look at this sizzling June Outlook for temperatures over most of the country.

You can blame two large high pressure systems that act like heat pumps. But at times they will lead to big clashes in air masses with severe weather. I think it will be hot and stormy through June before we really dry out in July and August. Certainly lots of dog day weather is on the way.

Since I like ending my blog on a positive not everyday. I thought I would show you rain amounts. We at least got some help for our brown and dried up lawns that were already in mid-August form by last week. All my weatherwatchers were real excited calling in the rain totals. It was the equivalent of having a big snowstorm in January. We could have had 6 to 10 inches of the white stuff. But for now even this snow fan was rooting for the rain. Enjoy the comfortable weather today and I look forward to seeing you tonight. Tomorrow on the blog we will talk more about our long-range forecast, severe weather, and the latest on a new Prangley family member. Not a baby this time, but a pet whose ancestors are from Madagascar. Stay logged on and stay tuned!

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