Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jalapeno Hot Today to a Super Fiery Red Moon Tonight!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am ready for some good Mexican food to celebrate! It will be hot on and off the skewer today thanks to high pressure. It looks like any storms that do develop will impact less than 10% of us and be short-lived near the I-75 corridor. Tonight we do have two stormy weather-makers approaching. One from the north and another from the west. This will bring in a few high cirrus clouds and allow the haze to build. It will not hurt but actually help make for great sky viewing! Expect an extra colorful viewing of the Super Full Moon thanks to the moonbeams being refracted through the added moisture in the atmosphere. Send in those pictures to

It is called the super moon because it is not only full but is also at its closest point to earth in its orbit making it appear 16% larger and 30% brighter. It is only about 250 miles farther away than the extreme super moon of March, 2011. You will not be able to tell the difference.

Sunday we will stay hot with highs back in the lower 90s but with added lift in the atmosphere at least 50% of us will see scattered storms erupt in the afternoon. There is also unusually chilly air moving through in nature's attic which could trigger a couple strong storms with hail and damaging wind gusts. So make sure to keep your FCN weather apps handy and download your only live doppler radar available in Jacksonville at FCN WX for free if you haven't already.

The outlook for next week looks soggy through at least Wednesday as our stormy front stalls out over the area and another front moves in from the west. The Players all depends on this secondary front. If it can clear the area we may have a delightful weekend. But indications are this front may also get hung up which would keep rain chances in the forecast. Stay tuned as our weather team fine-tunes the forecast. Right now, Friday and Saturday look like the drier of the two days.

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