Friday, April 20, 2012

Biggest Rain of the Year is Not All Bad News

If we are going to have rain on weekend we better need it! Dating back to the great fires of 1998 we have been 48.3 inches below average on rainfall. To put it in perspective it is like we did not have an entire year of rain since we average about 53 inches of rain per year. This weekend the heaviest rain will be Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning and we will still have to watch for a few strong storms especially from St. Augustine southward. Although Central and South Florida will have the higher risk. Stay safe and remember to slow it down on area roadways.

What makes this the biggest rain-producer of the year. We have a low pressure actually crossing Florida instead of the average track we have seen for the last several months hundreds of miles north of home. We also have a nice moist southwest flow in place with no blocking high pressure. Be safe and get out the jackets next week. Lows could be near 40 by Tuesday morning!

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