Monday, February 21, 2011

Temperatures and Kids runniing wild on President's Day

February 21, 2011 Monday

Happy President's Day and like many parents I am doing my best to hold up the fort here at home. My fort is being overrun at this time and taken over by my darling kids. Things are crazy. But I am tough, I am a marathoner! I am making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and packing plenty of food for our trip to the beach. It will be the warmest day of the year on the sand! While most of us inland have hit 80 on at least two occasions this year the cool sea breeze has kept things much cooler at the seashore. But today the sea breeze will be overwhelmed by a balmy springy southwest breeze at 10 to 20 mph. I cannot rule out 80 degrees at the beach and even some lower 80s inland. If we get full sunshine we could even see some middle 80s which would be our warmest February 21st since 1953 and possibly our warmest President's Day ever! I will keep you updated here on the blog!

You see above we have settled in on quite a persistently warm Spring weather pattern despite the calendar saying that Spring does not begin until March 21st! We have gone 10 days without any big rains which is a concern in our drought and 5 days in a row with above average and we will add at least another 7 days to both of these weather streaks so after the beach today I will likely be washing my car like the colonel you see above! The signs of Spring are ubiquitous in Jacksonville and you can really see it on our cars in the form of a green film! Yes, my kids have already finger-printed my car with the words, WASH ME!! But there is a lion lurking and we talked about it last night at 11 p.m. with your exclusive 10 day forecast. Let's take a look! Do not be scared!

Now this is also available for free and updated on our First Coast News weather app and your local weather team from First Coast News keeps it updated on a daily basis! Check it out and download it to stay ahead of the lion. But notice the lion is not lurking anywhere close to home. Our next good chance of rain will be the last day of February into March. I do think March will come in like a lion with possibly some strong thunderstorms. I am in the process of overhauling the weather web-site at so you are covered on the tube and here on the web with the fastest most current information, including the only live doppler radar in Jacksonville so you and your family stay safe. Yes, our weather team is taming the lion so to speak. Notice we could get a bit chilly by early March as some of that cold air finally makes a move south with the jet stream that is creating blizzards and havoc across much of the country. But again I do think this is the year we can plant BEFORE ST. PATRICK'S DAY with less than a 5% chance of a light freeze and a 10% chance of a little patchy frost from here on out. Well I am out of here for now...the kids are calling. Make sure to check back this evening and I will be posting more on how we did today temperature-wise today, some beach pictures and your space shuttle forecast. Have a great day!

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