Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running with the Wind for our Gate River Run Week!

Good to be back with you here on the blog! I am sorry it has been awhile. But I am looking forward to revving this thing back up. Here is what I am working on for you on Sunday's shows!

We made it through the historic storm with some needed rain and wild temperature swings. This week looks much quieter but we will have a rollercoaster ride to start, with 30s to 70s on our Monday, back to the 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday. Even vitamin C can only do so much when our weather is this crazy, but that is March for you in Jacksonville! But get ready for a blocking ridge to take over by late week which means we will warm up and once it does we will have several warm days in a row and not have to worry about all those ups and downs.

The Gate River Run looks dry with southeast breezes at 7 to 15 mph which means we will be running with the wind across the Hart Bridge. Temperatures will start near 60 and be in the lower 70s by noon!

Our next shot of significant rain will hold off until next week. The much slower pattern is showing no signs of cold weather for us so you do have the thumbs up on planting the annuals this year a couple weeks early.

Have a great day and see you soon on the tube with more details! I will be back here on the blog with some graphics for you!

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