Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lots of Bark and Bite in Your Forecast

What a way to end the month! The may say get ready for June, but instead it feels like we are heading right into July. Get ready for the dog days of summer more than a month early this year.

As you can see the dog days are here more than a month early. It is interesting to note that the dog days are named not after the actual hot weather but the dog star Sirius. The ancient Egyptians believe this star which rises before the sun in July and August added extra heat to the atmosphere making it so hot.

The dog in this picture Stella. She is Tracy Szerencse's dog. Tracy is our 6 and 11 o'clock producer that makes us all look good on the news every night. Gina Quattrocchi agrees with the rest of our night crew that Stella acts more like a human than a dog. Stella should be the WLFI mascot! This is also a good reminder to make sure all your pets have a cool place to stay along with plenty of water to drink.

The latest maps continue to show highs near 90 the next few days due to building high pressure you see in this picture. It will do two things. Not only will it bring sticky air our way from Florida, but it will keep us mainly dry through at least Thursday. Yes, stay cool by the pool!

Even though we will not be dodging many storms the next few days there will be plenty of "bite" in the forecast. Yes! It is mosquito season and making sure you spray "deet" on is just as important as wearing sunblock this time of year. Mosquitos are now thriving in the Lafayette area because we have had twice our normal amount of rain over the last 5 days. This tends to breed mosquitos. What may surprise you is that there are two peaks in mosquito activity. One in the morning and once again during the evening. So early morning joggers beware. Notice mosquito activity will be in the very high range for the next few days during these hours. So stay cool, spray it on, and remember the sunscreen. Check back on the blog tomorrow for the third big "H" impacting our weather and that is "haze".


Anonymous said...

Love the new weather blog, hopefully we'll have some cooler weather soon.

Meteorologist Mike Prangley said...

Thanks for your kind words. I think it will be tough to find any cool weather this summer. I think May was certainly a sign of things to come and we may have a full-blown heat wave by June 8th. You stay cool, and thanks again for reading and writing.